Research Information System

Welcome to Kiel University’s Current Research Information System!

The Current Research Information System (CRIS) is a central database system. It combines, depicts and administrates Kiel University’s multifaceted research activities. The CRIS facilitates registering, mapping and reuse  of publications, speeches , projects, memberships, awards and other research activities.

You can find detailed information on how to use the CRIS practically, within the university's network, via Information for Kiel University members.

Benefits for researchers …

  • user-friendly interface for easy capturing and (re-)using of information on various research results, e.g.
    • import publication information from diverse sources
    • linked to MACAU
    • visualise your network
    • search within the CRIS
  • assemble information for diverse usage cases (for instance, lists of publications, CVs etc.) and export them to common formats for use outside the CRIS
  • automated publication list on your personal Kiel University-website


Benefits for the administration (on a central as well as institutional level)…

  • transparent, quality assured, and validated research information
  • re-use of data (instead of compiling it repeatedly)
  • a central, well-arranged and validated system supports compiling and using research information at Kiel University (e.g. to create research reports)


Get to know more about the current research information system (CRIS) at Kiel University


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